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More than $13.3M of $18M raised!

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Your Dundas Manor
Dream | Winter 2022 Edition

Thank you for helping build
the new Dundas Manor

Welcome to the first Edition of Your Dundas Manor Dream – a newsletter all about Dundas Manor and the wonderful plans to build a brand-new long-term care home for current and future residents. It will be a dream come true, thanks to the caring and generous donors like you!   

Planning is well underway. On March 13, 2020, the Minister of Long-Term Care Merrilee Fullerton visited Winchester to announce formal approval of the new build. Despite the arrival of COVID-19 at the same time, planning continues. We’re happy to share that we are getting closer to shovels on the ground. 

The WDMH Foundation is honoured to be leading the fundraising efforts for the new home. It will cost about $60 million, and our community portion is about $20 to $22 million. The good news is that thanks to our supportive communities, we are well on our way to meeting this goal. 

We hope you enjoy this campaign and planning update. If you have questions and comments, please let us know. Nothing feels as good as home. That’s why – because of your help – there will be a new, safe Dundas Manor for generations to come. Thanks for your support.

Innovation in Planning

The Dundas Manor will include improved, larger resident rooms, accessible spaces, and dining and gathering spaces that bring people together. Every resident will have more privacy and their own window and there will be air conditioning throughout the building.

Because of your support, we can create a new home and change the lives of residents, families and staff. Here’s the first peek!


Inspiring Happiness and Joy

Life at Dundas Manor is all about living. Every day, the Dundas Manor team ensures there is always something happening for residents to enjoy. And for those who can’t or don’t want to travel too far, the fun comes to them.   

In October, Dundas Manor welcomed nine Golden Retriever puppies for a visit. Don’t even get us started on the Halloween celebrations. And there is always music, with local entertainers providing toe-tapping concerts – and even a few dances! Our new home will provide even more opportunites for fun and laughter. 


The Importance of Giving Back

School principals are known for their leadership and collaboration skills. And they know how to get the job done. That puts the campaign in good hands – with Campaign Co-Chairs Nancy Farley-Holmes and Laurie McElheran! These retired principals are committed to their community and to building a new Dundas Manor. 

Both Nancy and Laurie have experience with family and friends living in long-term homes. They praise the team at Dundas Manor for their incredible work – and quickly point out that the building needs to match that gold-star care. “Dundas Manor is so important to our community,” notes Nancy. “And if you have a loved one who needs care, you want them to be close by.” 

Nancy and Laurie say they are excited to work with fellow volunteers on the Campaign Cabinet. They are also honoured to meet with donors who have made a commitment to the new Dundas Manor. “It’s been fantastic,” sums up Laurie. “These are nice conversations to have because we all have a great deal of respect for those who live at Dundas Manor and have contributed so much to our local communities.” 

Nancy Farley-Holmes

Campaign Co-Chair

Laurie McElheran

Campaign Co-Chair

Leading the Way

We are a community that looks out for one another and jumps in to help when needed. The Expanding the Circle of Compassionate Care Cabinet is leading the way in helping to raise the needed funds for the new Dundas Manor. 

Currently, this caring volunteer team is out and about speaking with other community members about how they can help too.

Because of your support, we can create a new home and change the lives of residents, families and staff.

Our Volunteer Campaign Cabinet

Laurie McElheran, Campaign Co-Chair
Nancy Farley-Holmes, Campaign Co-Chair
Bill Smirle, Campaign Vice-Chair
Elizabeth Howarth, Cabinet Secretary
Dalton Carr
Wayne Domanko
Joan Farlinger
Jennifer Hill
Lisa Little

Martine Thurler-Guy
Bob Weagant
Sandra Weagant
Kristen Casselman, Managing Director
WDMH Foundation
Erin Kapcala, Manager of Major & Planned Giving,
WDMH Foundation
Jana Barkley, Campaign Development Associate,
WDMH Foundation
Cindy Ault Peters, Campaign Assistant,
WDMH Foundation

Let's Keep the Conversation Going

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